Grace Caroline Currey Shares the Secret Behind Her “Shazam 2” Skin (2024)

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Grace Caroline Currey Shares the Secret Behind Her “Shazam 2” Skin (1)

Photographer: Nailah Barcelona; Hair: Giovanna Avila; Makeup: Elaina Karra; Stylist: Brandon Ruiz

Superheroes, they’re just like us. But, as Grace Caroline Currey—she plays Mary Bromfield in the upcoming Shazam! Fury of the Gods, out March 17—recently shared with us, getting that “just-right” DCU makeup is something that takes a bit of skill.

What is the most fun thing about working on a superhero movie?

“Getting to act out imaginative and wild scenarios that you would never encounter in everyday life—like riding a unicorn, for example. But I’d have to say wearing the superhero suit was the sweetest part of all! I’ve got these terrific boots, a very regal collar, and a sort of Wonder Woman-esque skirt. Seeing myself in the mirror as Super Mary was definitely a dream come true. It’s such an honor to bring Mary Marvel from the Golden Age of comics, to life.”

Do you have any glam moments you can share from being on-set?

“Blush, blush, and more blush! For Mary’s superhero look, my brilliant makeup artist, Hagen Linss, used about five different blushes on my cheeks and on my eyelids. The foundation she used on me—which is now my absolute favorite—is Future Skin from Chantecaille ($89). It helped my skin survive the brutal summer heat in Georgia, where we filmed, and has such a glowy finish.”

What’s the process for getting into the Shazam suit?

“At the beginning of the shoot, it took quite a bit of time for me to get ready. But, toward the end of filming, it felt like a game to see how fast I could get everything on—we were fairly quick! The boots took the longest, they have separate pieces of armor that attach to them.”

You post some very creative glam looks on your Instagram. What are some of your favorite brands right now?

“I love hunting for vintage Dior at thrift stores—nightgowns, blazers, etc. I’m big on fabrics and prints that feel classic and timeless. I love when clothes feel like they’ve got a story to tell. I’ve been given some DOEN pieces over the years for my birthday, and I just adore the fabrics and the details in their designs.”

Dancing is a big part of your life. Do you consider that a “wellness break” from acting?

“I often try to take class even when I’m working on set. Sometimes, there isn’t time but if I can find a studio and take a class, I always feel as if I’ve got a piece of home with me. The music, the attention to detail, it’s where I connect with my inner grit as well as having patience with myself. Ballet has this juxtaposition of power and ease, working hand in hand, under the surface of every movement. I also really enjoy kick boxing and taekwondo. Both were part of my training leading up to Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Grace Caroline Currey Shares the Secret Behind Her “Shazam 2” Skin (2)

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Grace Caroline Currey Shares the Secret Behind Her “Shazam 2” Skin (2024)
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