Provincial Freeman (Toronto and Chatham, ON: Mary Ann Shadd Cary (October 9, 1823 – June 5, 1893)), May 6, 1854, p. 4 (2024)

u mettantane look at the bright8ide dy mrs sihiii t eoiton whereer your lot is cast in the family of man w hethcr esteemed hie tint or last do the best you can though inosrgbsciire and poor maintain an honest pride and laboring io increase yourstoie look at the brightest wide strive strive with might and soul to win the iood you crave and if you cannot reach the goal show your spirit brave par better aim loo high a fall it fal vou must than to remain as life goes by grovelling in the dust little or no capital many of these which wjre raoru cleverthau useful died a natural death and many more through the tuten- tion lliey there excited havebccn brought j i int i use and have added to the perfection- of itr means of manuliietiirigr to the etli- 1 ciotcy of our domestic im tr r- rar hknts for hom*o conitofu liur it the question could be answered who has reap- 1 ed the profit arising from their dissemination we me persuaded that in the majority of instances that smart business praeti- j tioier the party would be found to j hae swallowed the lions share among i many examples istliatof u maker of rnusic- ruiistruuieutsiu a snuillway of business i who by a simple mechanical application so i much improved the power of an instrument tcr is lost and character mcc lost is with i the hold he had ou my heart and services irfrjnrttihm- when most thvaid you need trust in heaven poor human love is bul a feeble reed but pause before you iakcctc revenge for vonp pride perchance there rausfbe some mistake look at the brightest side when midnight gloom enshrouds r-rrrrtmmoivftsso-eflvvvimhosowliich- jho pajuj ac diflicully regained besides the first decline from right leads toothers it is like the start in sliding down a hill but there is a worse feature tliau even tins in succumbing to b tseuess meanncssor wrong llauit soon dulls llie moral perceptions so that in time men eonie 10 prprtrahtwrh out a remorseful pang acts at which origin ally they would irve been astounded is thv servant a digthat le should do this thing is the iiiiiijaiant exclamation of many a person who evuitimlly lominits the very deed he abhorred arnolds treason grew up in his mind by slow degrees nurtured by extravagance and upposediieglcct wash ingtonfay alimis b correct lcft behind a name tint willtieiei cease o be reverenced i lis childis molliei lii ilhcr una hie unwil lis danger had left me in ehargdbf side by the attractions t eltingen liis-lmat- the valley and the hill far up beyond the envious clouds hesl a a so present troubles may a smiling future hide- waiting till they pass away look at thebrightest side iend not a listenirtrear to slanders whispered tale to make a neighbors fault appear can be of no avail ii he has dune a wrong ihucinntytidcnied he may nave nau tempiaon strong look at ihe bi ightest side as nature has not dealt equalitybet ten you cannotleel as he as felt nor see as hi has seen apcmolejnaydimyour sight ur intercept your view till what appears to him butright seems only wrong to you judre not anothers sin till you have scanned your own amiwhen- taen cast at linn a stone v perhaps your reckless tracks did his fraiheet misguide- then ifyou disapprove his acts look at the brightest side frwm cluntmrt edinburgh journal the han who does the work and the ma who take the pay over those of rival- makers- ho wits with i reason sanguinoasto the ultimate results of his invention but wanting the means to mle it generally known be unavoidably fell into the hands of a party who offered itoaavancjiiheecessai7cnpifeiljiullkui tain conditions the conditions were thai the inventor should bind h under a ntinous penalty to surrender every in- strument be should make for the next seven years to his patron at a specified price above llu cost of material and should pledge him self not to make less than a certain number permonth this bargain was agreed to ami signed and sealed under legal direction the result is that the inventive genius from jieingasrnnllniaiiufucturer has become a lurgo one iiiitsiuucli as lie u twentyinstruments where he formerly made two but he declares andwc believe truly -that- he lias dot apermymorctospendj upon himself owing to the extremely minute fractionofprofitwhichcomes4ohis share rwhile he h is the anxiety and responsibili ty of a large establishment to add to his former grievances meanwhile the party derives a benefit of forty to sixty per cent uponeverv instrument produced and will tmthmttolostforfiveyearsloligerby if wherever- there is what business language calls a good thing you may be tolerably certain there is a party the function and vocation of the party is to advance a little needful money to carry on the concern re ceiving the great bulk of the profits in return be it some little shop speculation some new mode of supplying an old waatof the public a successful periodical work a cleyerand widely scrviwahli invrntion oi whatever the originator falls nntnr bj m hand of a party so naturally or as matter of course that he would probably feel his position to be somewhat eccentric were it otherwise when we see then anv apparently good thing or any man to ail arance-coridnctmg-a- bfrge andrjircra- tive concern it would be rash to taktit all as it seems- we need to know the secret arrangement- with the party beforespec- ulating on the subject it is like looking over the landlords of an irish county where we see only the nominal owners living or not livingtjivthc acres while the real proprie tors are the owners of mortgages nlen itho d all the sweets ol prupexty without any duty to perforin or stateto keep up a itisthe part olany honesl blsidering m iv fellow to keep a shop from morning till night to tax his brain in writing in order to keep up some literary undertaking or to negociate and realize some adroit piece of mechah- ism orsomeuseftilandlchernical compound it is easy to be the ostensible toiling mer itorious man in all these cases but to be r party sitting calmly in the rear making a small sum of money judiciously applied serve the purpose usually supposed to be served by talent and diligence thus to pocket proceeds with little risk no responsibility no work that requires a truly clever per son the nominal man is like a hand the party is as the head the former is human and work man like the latterjs a master and a kind of deity no one knows what it is to tn a party till he has become one himself m- fallen into the hands of one the party ves his fellow creature flock ing around him begging to be saddled bndled ond to be ndden by him he feels like the evil one buying up human souls in the english commercial world it is scarce ly worth while to be anything but ay arty in literature to bo an author of namgfsno be aelavejto beaparty erenit be s3 ordythe stationer- whosupplies thcpaper and you are in comparison as one whp sits on olympus and shakes the spheres many years ago a demand arose among the ladies for a particular kind of lace work applicable to various articles of dress and which could be almost entirely manufactur ed- by machinery the machines required were expensive and as only a single pattern could be executed on one the variety in the optio ofgoodfrprtxl di n for 7 trrsny- honeslyistliehesl policy and thus appeal to the sellisli pari or onr nritnre is a poor way to induce men to do right conscientiously better tlic nobler anil higher ground thruright should he done for riglifs sake liiliulflphiu laler tiietoofceldtgrave heslrep3k cairnlyliere wiilini his tceu ias grave as poaccliilv as wiiere ten liunsund banners wave still suliv nr the grtvn willi fiilid aiidhiillowed rca a litil in ml is sien it i- a vrciimkd anl side side it lies wliere marble gleaming fair hesjxiiksa ruullluf- prais- to see hiiii drawn liom hi of a greatmilitary h ed iillovs gave him the cooling draught hatked ins feverish temples and finally at ins bwtrntmt rockrilliiiiigeullvuotuiethis restlessness lie placed bis little anus enre- lessk about my neck and said feebly sing- to me of heaven when i finished he 1 zie died upon his lips his eyes drooped his heart fluttered liko a prisoned bird- anil little char lie was counted one of the heavenly fold as i cl h eyes a cros his dimpled hands- peacefully upon ins little breast his last rang fearfully hi my ears jwbcrus xiatiul l to ine oi neiien looked languidly up saying wheres liz zie i nitisl kiss lizzie and is the words koniance of krai life hrc some year laud built a i sflethil whatis thpiide of binb it dlel nit in the tomb there eat i letnrns liieailh tiul kiwy lies in glouin ho leeiai within hr reeu rissijraic as placelullv as where ten iliunl taiiiieri wave little chirlie the end of which time he will have amassed at the present rate of demand a net tain little short of 17000 we might parallel this case of the musicinstrument maker by a tale of a printer of paper hangings whom an- otherparty beguiled into a similarpredica ment and again by that of a gunmikor who was no beiterotf tihhepnt e eo tract of the same kind by slipping into his oolnn incuitivating what he calls the legitimate use of capital the party has no exclusive tastes give him ouly a concern involving small outlay little risk and no trouble and he is ready to go into it we have to irua- gimrbim- inrall possible spheres say he has fallen in with an improvident artist of rising talent he has engaged all his pic tures for the next seven jears and perhaps five humlredper we must view makes tliitraodcsi gafnol cent by the speculation him even entering into the sacred walks oll operations of science several years ago a scientific manl hallopei of high character and attainments in the course of his experiments in relation to the subtilest and strangest of all natural agen cies had fallen upon the germ of a newdis covery wh was destined to operate a hangcts the advantage dfsociety lam one ol rrdiat persecutettclasstileuo- minated old maids by going quietly about the world taking care not to jostle my neighbors or hit against any of their rough angles 1 manage to be cheerful contented and happy in my multitudinous migrations i have hail sonic bpporttinitjtd study human n la i harebcinmeajtemporary inmate of a crowdfuboardingliolisepmy little room has already begtiti to look home like the cheerful sun has expanded the fragrant lowers 1 love so well to nurture my canary trills his satisfaction in a gayer song than ever and my pictures books andj guitar drive dull care away and beguile manv a pleasant hour and now my heart has found a new object of interest fvc noticed on the staircase and in the hall anil lobby a lovely child who seemed wandering jjhoutjixjus own sweet will sometimes sit- ting wearily oi the stairst alriiostastetp then loitering at the kitchen door watching the cook then peering open doors of the different apartments as by a rule of the house no raiglny in all its phases whether political commer cial or domestic in partial ignorance of the grand results to ensue-from-his-diseoveryi- nnd intutal ignorance of the natural histoiy ofhhe party mie admitted a specimen of that genius into hiscoiriidenee atvd entrust him with the practical demonstrations of the mechanism befo the public the party soon felt thetiiortance and value ol ins position and as usual came to consider the inventor a mere subordinate when by and by it was proposed to form a- joint- stock company jor the purpose of working out the discovery the party conducted the negotiation and haying obtained the offer of upwards of alitindfedthousand pounds proceeded to arrange with the inventor that he should accept about a fifth of that sum and then put the remaining fourfifths in his own pocket this was perhaps take it for all in all the most brilliant strokeof work ever performed by any party gentle reader when you see a fine shop with an appea of goo cus do not hasten to think that the owner is a prosper ous manwait to learn whether he lias a par- tysitunglikea buttery spirit in the backroom eating up the profit where you see a cle ver active publisher bringing out great num bers of capital books and making himself no inconsiderable fame dont rashly conclude that he must be making a fortune perhaps a party in the form of a wholesale station er who lupplies all his paper at not more thnn uiimjrqujillthertrciofiiicreasingiveallh if ioj iind the world going distracted about a particular writer and if buying his books in scores of thousands dont think if you are yourself a poor author that h as a rich one may be able to lend you fifty pounds till your history of the lower empire comes out perhaps his publisher acts towards him as a party and cannot though ho wished it be very merciful seeing that he is in the hiindsofn party in turn in sh wher- days in questioning the providence of na ture in ascribing evil tojsupernfttiiral onuses tfhd in feverish expccu5dontofrebult3 con trary tothi necessary harmonyoftheworld constitution of tha national council hortlkipurpistolimprovingtlicchar acter developing the intelligence maintain ing the rights and organizing a union of the colored people of the free states the na tional convention does hereby ordain and institute the national cofstcit of tub colored lkollk art this council shall consist of two iniinlu from each stale represented in knit elueiethjmlii-cou- each great end viztttio equality in pdiipl rights and in civil and social privileges with the ratt of tbo american people llatof tubmebiun udust blah scuoo the undersigned the coiiiinittee on man ual labour school appointed by the national couneilof the-eoloied-iieopuviii-oflering-a- iilan for the organization of the schoolbeg leave to state 1st that the location of the school which is to be wit bin one hundred miles of the town of uric pennsylvania will be selected as soon as three thousand dollars are paid in the school building and workshop will be cuininiaicsd as5orm astetrttrrraand dollars are paid in tttid the school commenced as won as fifteen th dollars are paid in and that in no casewinr assuming the name of lones since pmcluised i small piece of n it a neat house on the edge of tiwtniiuionitr wiltshinvdjhjtjieloiig ro siiletltiiikiiliwiiig7 and almost unknown by the neighborhood viriou s conjectures were formed respecting this solitiry and siii- gulaiiuukiiigtstiungeritil long ill a clergy man look some notice of him and oecnsionlly iiiviiing him to his house found him pos sessed of intelligence and manners which evidently indicated his origin to have been in the higher stations of life returning one day from a visit at the elergjinansbjkiss the holise ot a tiriuer at the d km f whicii was itte daughter employea at the washingtub he looked at the girl a moment and thus accosted her my girl ivoud you like tobe marricdbecauseif you would 1 w m you ilordjdr ijueslions from a man 1 nov- this cunvcntion vjmtioti and two other mein from s i fiu octeibuihollsiioilrnojrvyihu siinrortnoncyarrtmllyrraidiik day of november next und bienniallytnere- i iiebtiesclioor will betarleasrtwo alter there shall be held in each state a acra 0 lum aml fifty puir at whclieacli cojorod inhabjun maj evcrbeusedas a-liinn- for- vote who pavs ten ceuts ilblriaxr and each state slfull elect at sucii election iicl anciilttual instruction delegates to state legislatures twenty in accordance with a vote of the tvocliesler conventiontheteacheis are to in mlciiii foijjiyil jpls iilniiitiil into the to state lsgislmures twenty in i faun each state ut large the i tirbeheldnt3uehplacebundufidoiu will he inadoto industrial iiiunliei election iu uc ntmi i ou such condition as the public meetings in school without reference to sex or complexion such localities may determine -fliti-niom- 31 special provision bers of the national council in each state n vom ll ha receive canvass and declare the result 1 ii 1 1 pi is i i i i school lor icmales as we as ma es a proin- ol such vote the state council tlitisc elect- 1 1 1 r el shall meet on the first monday in jam- nrp7uic1pte-of- conduct will he to aid 111 1s5i und elect additiomd members to providing for the female sex methods and i council in proportion of one to mean ever be taken of the franknfi which chrlstlanfrof every name dee of every claw liava freely convicllons in the presence of die imrlcur tho capacity in which ioiuexieaiiiiikliis inilllieneijliborliifisuliii coiaiiiioais of distiiiiiislicd worth and literary ability are already jcclions ul lauadu aud111 the merieau union and jiroress to obtain liom living in britain imporinul uwisiiiiift mcni of ihe riiiblmn mission tiatms ami notices tlic 7vrmi are one hollar per vanee utlicrwite two hollars that one halfof die subsciiplions vance are worse than hi will ivnderjissisiance by all jiarlies willtni lo aid may at rolicilili the hanus of iieni uxniuul lt i ihe i a per one year will lie th e are strang ersaw in my life before very liiely rejifed mr lones but however 1 int serious and will leave you tili ten oclock tomorrow lo consider upon wiil tiieii caiiquyou again and if 1hive your fathers consent wewiilbe uinrried the following day tic kept his appointment and meeting with the father he thus addressed him sir 1 have seen your daughter 1 should like her for a wife and 1 am conte to ttk your cousen this proposal answered thc isvervevtiaurtlitiarvfroina children were admitted at the table it was some time before i- could ascertain who claimed this little stray waif one morning attracted by the carol olmy canary he ventured to put his little curly head inside my door he needed little urg ing to enter for he read with a childs quick instinct his welcome in my face an animated conversation ensued about birds mowers and pictures his laree blue eyes growing bright and his cheek flushed with pleasure as story followed story while he sat on my knee h i at length 1 siid to him charlie wont mamma be anxious about you if you stay so long oh no said he lizzie dont care who i lizzie 1 vliy my iriamma she dnnt care if im only out of the way lizzie mafle-in- fliis- prettyhress said he holding up his pret- ty embroidered frock hut lizzie dont know any stories and she says im a bore what is a bore said the sweet child as he looked trustingly in my face xever mind now said i tejirfully you may stay with ine whenever you like and we will 1e very good friends rhejlinneiihellji0uiilidgagadyilriiseil yotthg thing vociferated in a voice anvthing but musical charlie charlie i when i apologised for keeping him she said care lessly asslierearrangetlher bracelets i 111 t dont signify if you can have patience with himhes so tiresome with iiisipieslioiis pre bought hint heaps of toys hut he never wants to play and is forever asking me such oldfashioned questions keep him and wel come when you lite bu ta my word for it youtttopent yur bargaiit and slu*t trippedgmlydojvnjojfinnex poor little charlie time 1 justai those silken ringlets j a long time at allkeep pace with the con tifiued and increasing demand it happen ed owing to the illness of the maker of the original machines which were always kept closed against the prying eyes of visitors that a young lancashire machinist was call ed in to repair one which had suffered frac ture thejoung man stuided its structure well made- drawings of the various parts and in the leisure of his evenings at home j pondered over them with a view if possible of effecting some valuable improvement after a twelvemonths thinking and capcri- mentirfgand the aboriousconstruction of a working model he hit upon a new plan by which it was practicable to work any num- ber of patterns by a single machine and that too one of a much less complex des- criptioh and therefore less liarjle to need cfepairs than any then in use had he been wise he a was ihgenioushe wotdd havctietd ever ther is an appearance 11 thriving sus pect there may he a parly and yuuwill seldom be wrong for the fact is where the spoil is there will the eagles bo guthered together the legislature of this country is very rigorous in imposing restrictions upon a set of poor tradesmen culling themselves pawn brokers from an idea that it is necessary to protect the public against their practices with parties who arc jo pawnbrokers what tigers areto ferrcti it takes no such trouble lluppy fraternity unseen unknown irre sponsible continied feast of the kind which tiancho liked namely behind backs is yours you have nothing to do but to fix a spig- got in a neighbours heart and sit enjoying ihe crimson stream how intense must be your sense of triumph over the pour fools id in plenty to ad- time to embroi der all those little gay dresses time to linger till midnight over the last new novel but for the soul that looked forth from those deep blueeyes no time to sow the good seed no lime to watch lest the enemy should sow tarevj from that time charlie andi were insep arable the thoijlitless mother well con- stranger piav sir who are you sir you have a right to ask these questions my name is jones the new house on the edge of ihe common is mine and if necessary 1 can purchase yours and half the neighbor hood replied ill j another horns conversation brought all parties to one mind and the frindly clergy man afoivniiuioned united the happy pair three or fours years they lived in this retin- mentrand were blest witlrtwo chil dren m r jritilfdilk renter liirimthieiiiiiehi improving his wifes mind buf never disclosed is own origin at length upon junking a journey uf pleasure with her while rcmaniing the beauties oixjie country he noticed ami named the ditferetttentleniens seats lis they passed coming toil magnificent one this my dear is li house the seat of the earl of k and if you please we will ask leave to go in- and look at it it is an elegant house and probably wiil amuse you aaid he ihejnobleiiianwliopoisessedjthis mansion was lately dead- tie iiheeliad a nephew wlm in the gaieties of his youth incurred ouie debts on accatnuifw he h re- tired from fashionable life on about tjoo per annum- and had not beenbeard of for wihevethu iuiiniepliiamms th mr jones the hero of our story whboiow took jrossessiun ofthu house titliiind estate and is the prcserit eoarlxif -try- english lantf jl- fiiin ilrilnms magazine the headarid the heart the heaj is siau ly calm and wiso and iicars a princely pari r l and down klow in stxiel lies the waini iiujiulsive llearr the lordly head that sits above the lieait that ivals lielovy their several oiiice plainly rnve their trl relation sluw the head erect serene ainfciiol kndowed wiih ileaons art was set aloft 10 ijnili and nile the throblinu wayward heart and from the head as frutn the higher comes alldireclill lliultht and in the hearts iranslorinini fire ahuuble deeds are wrought yet each is best when hoh unite to make the man complete what weie tliticat without tlic lighll tliciightwiihouuheheali who take front places in the world winre hi8oaoeandtakoh moasurososecure for jthcrcisnutlitngliiif resnbibility bard- work hlmselftheadvantngc of his invention- but j a the- mockery of 11 little honor how- the thing got wind and came to the ears of y st hug yourselves oi the sagaciljm l a par who flow to the inventor bought dp the entire property hi the newtnachinet at a cost of less than 100 got it rapidly constructed and into work and has pocketed from that time to this 3 period extending oyer a quarter of a century an income sometimes amoun to t of thousands nnnnallr arising soleljrjroni that single bar- tent uj pass hcrcnotdevmlnnlrstirlsijn trashy- literature orinidle gossipwith her- drawing rbom companions the young father weary with business troubles content ing himself with a quiet good night and closing the day by a visit to the theatre and the concertroom poor charlie meanwhile mjt to bed for safe keeping would lie hours tossing restless from side to side with noth ing but his head as he innocentlysaid to me what a joy to sit by his side end be guile the lonely hours there i learned to understand the meaning of our taviours words forof such is the kingdom of hea ven in his clear silverv tones he would repeat after ine jitf father asking me the meaning of every petition llien he would say why dont- you tell lizzy lizzy dont know any prayers oneniglit i sang him these lines vellilit lio moral evil mans ims creatjos man brings upon himself a thousand calami ties as consequences of artifices and pride and then over looking- his oivii follies irravidv investigates the origin of what he calls evil he compromises eve pleasure to icqtiire fame amongst wbtisjent beings who forget htm nignlly in slclp and eternally in death mid seeks to render his name celebrated among posterity though it has no ideuiitjritlrllit7tei5rjti7and posterily itttijiimstjf canluyyjcmciiv t arizing so gain- the inventor continued a working jriacjihijsyo tjiejasty of his life and died lately leaving his family to maintain them- lelyesby their own labor at tho into grand show in hyde park were a multitude of ingenious contrivance by men of ik previous reputation and of which is contented to sit in a back seat and suck unnoticed ho suprememust be- your contempt for work and duty i stand dressed in- liviie mps a raised himself in bed while the tears trembled on his long lashes and said singtifatagain itsecmstisil lsaw-a-biitti- tiful picture ilien taking my guitar i would sit up by bis bedside and watch the avy w lioraneotts feeling 1iudeprivcs himself and all tuound hirn of every jiassing enjoyment toacittmtiltle wedthjiiiit he may purchase other mens labor in the vain hoe of adding happiness to his own he omits to make effective laws to protect the poor against the opp7eioiis of the rich and then wears out his existence under the fear of becoming poor and being the victim of his own neg lect and injtisust he interdicts the enjoy ment of all other creatures and regarding the world as his property in mere wanton- ncss destroys myriads on whom have been bestowed beiiuies and perfections he for gets that to lite and let live is ajmaxim of uni versal justice extending not only to his fel lowcreatures but to inferior ones to whom his moral obigations tire greater because they are moein hit power he afflicts him self that hecautiotjivcfor ever tliqtlgh jus forefathers liaverrruccessivclydiud to make room for him he repines ut the thought of losing tliatlifevlheuse of wliicll htr so jftlipirveitsaudtliouglijicbeganjois ist but yesterday thinks the world was made for him and that he ought to enjoy it for ever lie desires to govern others but regardless of uieir dependence on his ben- i ary the nation w tive thousand of tho culored population of ortihl such state and the members of council thui caecled tolukcoluceoulhuaixtbdayj of july next and all to hold ollice duriui two 1 yttimtfrnmtiq ilalkil llin rnd nf wiiell j time another general election by suite council shall take place of members to con- 1 slitutc their successors in ollice in the numbers as above cueh-thao- shall internal concern art 2 the uiiulilts of the firsteouiieii slmll he elected by this convention which shall designate out of tho number dent a vicepresident secretary er corresponding secretary tirrftfr nn mirmiji la tlvcon protective tiaionsol live on itusi- ncss kelalious of live 011 publications art 3 tho committee on manual labor school shall procure lands and organize said school in accordance adeped by thi of enjoying an independent ami hon- llvlthood frederick douglass ifth 1peok gommitlfel amos tl pkman iltihnjusbsi 1 l llonneit on manual nki j aiccune smith the title shall be the ve tho state council of j 1 the title shall bt havefullpoweroyorjhcjjxiusiiiau2ciiouh of said slate the foundation i school american treastir- and eoinmitlee 1 coiiiinittee of fund shall be thirty usand dollais i j twenly ihoiisand dollars shall he iu j slock of 2000 share at ten dollars per share i ten thousand dollars shall be ill dona tions to tie sol from the friends of the with the plans national convention with uch modifications- ttuexerioiiee or-neces-sity-j- maydictaux to ihe t eoinmitlee fhall j imtrtetoeiyfirvaratajishciv under the general committee of tho state lees 4 d shall constitute the board of i 7 six of these trustees shall 1 cause the shares shall be payable tru per cent at the time of subscribing and ten per cent every first day of july october janu ary and april thereafter until the whole is paid in i the school shallhe organised and the com mittee on manual labour school appointed by the national council of flic people of colorj audnine of the trustees htilldu elected by the stockholders when thre thousand dollars shidllutve been paid in by i them the stockholders and annually there- institute a protective union for alter luch share of stock shall count as llie juircha e ntil sale of articles of domestic i one vote at all such elections and stock- cuusiunptioii and shall unite and aidjnthc holders may vote by proxy on affidavit made fcsiualkuiouixiuaihcs auxiliary thciriiwii jajjdjjcjuujtijedhitforc a commissioner of rl o the committee 01 jhlsiness reloijjj of trustees of tho manual labor school with full pewer to select locution in the stale designated by tho national council to erect builiings appoint ordismisfi instructors in tiie literary or mechanical branches there shall iv a farinnltached lo the school art i the committee on protective loiioiu hail iircha person who l sends the nam hers anil one nf eiiher of ihe leather binding or the paper oneyhtiwiids ten names other eiiillinunicalions fur ihe iiostpaiil marked mnnai if dressed kodkllt dick bi iii scrmousand leciures bim ohjecl will be deliveicd thrnn foundcoinnatihle with his oiher bisned toronto march ffitli iki call for national jm11ukati0n uk coluuld a1kn to be held in caidtuil 0iu miin nu coii- utitji as do minhtiin clllclivdy aiul adequaw to the aiiaiimuiii o he ilfhiiidcnd to ilomnnellimg it dcmaiitj ul the iirocut anil ciiuitiv tu do iiiu we iituivccquiuityro tuirtricrcft in farl an aejiiiuwledged rulinii dement ul sjciity in mlicv necessary to the uitibibe in our favor it ever we inent tieedumsuvereijtiy aiwiittii jeotltiitsput then all colored men in favor uf ot the ugittd states and opposed uolunizatiou sheinc of llcmiplieic are requeued tu lam ohio on of auuudlv 1h51 in a grt cunventlun llicnaiimtieie dceiie upon the ijieal and vill- 10 nil and tions shall erblii an ofjice in which thei shall keepa registry ofcolored inechanicsarti zaus and business men throughout the union they shall keep a registry of all persons ing to em loy colored mefi in busines tench colondboysmechanical trade bl and scicntihe professions nnd farmine alio a registry vi colored men and boys se ei or instruction tliey shall also report upon aiiy avenues of business or trade which they deem inviting to colored capital tkil or labor their reports and ad- yertisemetit* to ikt in papers of tiio widest circulation they shall reneivc imle or exhibition products of the skill and labor of colorodpeoiile art j tne coiiiinittee on publication fihall collect all facts statistics and stfltemiuits s in i mo person will be ndniiiied fjoiiveution who would euiigialion io die kasiern asia ali iea or europe as terininiition is to consider our indies central and south jnajtijuiisictiiition crnil iiirereuceafiniei lo the kreat iiiesiiou of national before the couveiiliun all pisoiis coining to llie irii- el dcnlials propcily venial assurance lo the tial- aiioiutel for the iu tiie iiieuilandolijeelssei as he clijvenii is iicc i friends of cmiiriaiioiiiiid the hchool tluj tullowiug ull nu ojipuiiiiii io ihem will reru ilations shall be strictly enforced ur every hranch of liieralurc tauyht tbercibc belleied bjeiuitalioii branch oflenidierafl also taught in hull 1 ike school b kaci pupil sliall oicopy one half his lime wiiii at jhujl in vuri at umc iiandieraii eir on llie farm c th hriielicrafisliall be such that lleir prtv duels wiil lw articles sal rlle fur cash ur moneys wordi at a marker within easy access from tiie sjchool the atrent appnintcd by the committee freileriili potiglass isq shall ire chipnv- tred to r ceivcdonations and lake suliserip tions for stock trivin signetlhyhiniselt anil tire isecretary of the committee as soon tiie question is iui whether ions alio lake siiomiiji- s x a- receipt for the latvr c i kcr amoscihlcmivnrj 11 laws and historical records and hiograpiiies j ai aa agent aforesaid shah ofthecoloreitjieople aial airbotiknij colored autliur they shall have for the safe keep- in of these documents a library with a reading item and musenni the committee shall nlso publish replies to any assaults wor thy of note made upon the character or con dition of the colored people art 7 each committee shall havo abso lute control over its special deparlmetttpshftll ivrahe its own bylaws and in ensoof any va cancy occurring shall fill up the same fortlkj with fiibjcct to the confirmation of thecouniy cil each committeo shall meet at least once a mot or s often as possible sliall keep a minute of all it proceedings executive and ihiancisl ond shall submit a fiiututeuient of the same with the accounts audited at every receive two hundred und liltydollars either in subscriptions or donations he shall pay the same over to the treasurer john jones made worse it nut then there widespread universe where our iical coiidiiion are not better tive country and nowhere iu prosciilied oil ilec mill of color we are liiends loo and shoulder to shoulder by oiii- friends iu all good lueauies the lictteriiip olouroiidiliii in surrender no riirhls hot with oor as the subject oiemiitalioii is and has everlieen shaiuted senillie- of uur people as cannot lender delay and wiil bafiledynnd dcuythe weill iriitid or dearest bruiher to enijuiry lo and ihe carryinguuiyl wbeii bis can be ilbn onr we- proik io shiiw in always no what is rioiit thctrii- blue eyes droop and row heavy willi slumber ly great dre those who always do what is- as 1 san to him ari1 she whose duly and nxhtrtobe witliheldifrpmacting wisely joy and pride it should have been to lead- evidence is commonly wauliud in disiilayi ahdcmiscienuouslyty motives oytcnlporaryto policyorfear is tvhehavciiot onlyiikea crae hound j iibuse df it he makes laws tvhchrin llie coward butlikea traitor to the principles of in flowery fetters of her own weaving un- hand ol iiicrcenary lawyers seite as snares iusirvmansli6s1dlbhk j i i i t i i i m ii lri said of his conduct at the time llian of the to her careless keeping verdict that may be pronounced a lew years i in advance it is by neglecting this by little charlie lay tjssin sacrilicint principle to expediency that cliar- j with a high fever it is iu his lilt elbv lo jwioilli uc iickuoivledgia theunportiilici of educating youth yet teaches them any- e bed ltliiiig but their social dulijs in ijits political tell o state in whiatliey ljve ho jiasses his roiiiilarincetijigoithejsntional counci art 8 the national council shall meet at leal once in six mouth to receive the reports of the committees and to consider any new plan for the general good for which it shall have power at its option appoint a new committee and shall bo enipowercd to rcceivo and appropriate donations for the carrying out of the objects of the same at all such meet ins eleven members shull constitute a quo rum in cascany committee neglect or refuse to scud in its report according to article 8th ifientirecoiiilcil shall have power to enter the bureau extmine the books and papers of such committee nutmnct5crfhocommittrrrshall persist in its refusal or neglect then thocouu- cil shall declare their ollices vacant and-ap- putill others in their slead aittlu all cnses yftho meetings of the national cilincittor the conimittqsvllte trit velins evponscs if any ol the inemhers shall be paid out oflhe respective funds art 10 tlic council shall immediately cs- tnblih a bureau in tho place of its ineotini and the same rooms shnil as fur as possihe us by iii several coniniines for iheir vari ous purposes the count u sn1 hrvc a cie7k7 atuniudjratesil of their transaetions and prepare a rondenser repurt oflhe coiumiltccs for publication and also a rcilrj of the friends of the cause art 11 the expenses nf tho council slmll be defrayed by tlic fees of membership of siib- sucioties or councils to bo organised through out thu states the membership fee shall he one cent per week art 12 a inuinbor of tho council shall be member of only one of the committees tliero- ot art 13 all officers holding funds shall five security in double tho amount likely lo he in tbeir hands this security to he given lo the three first officers of the council art 11 the council shall have power io make sucii ilyiaws as are necessary lor their prope r government the following resolutions having diivci bearing upon iheplaii of organization wto udontedby tiie convefntion and are therefore appmidedtolhocmincis constitution j resol co sliall tioglov gated to select its various committees unsolved thjit tbo council sjndl juive jiower lo ollbr a premiuni for prize essays ou dilterciit sublets agreed on by council resolved that the said council shall hear an i grant petition and he governed by the rules of legislative bodies anl their decisions shall be final itesulveil that nny slate applying fur ad mission- intoithis union shall he admitted ou 6ncrrterinsarnny resolved thai in establishing a national council for our own special improvement and rmnnnnl iah school for the cdticationof our children in seicitce lileraturcriind-ine- ciinuicul n r i this ouvenliou do this not lo build ourselves up as a distinct mid sepamle class in tbii coufitry but as n means to a west indies cenual and majurity ul which aie peopled by boe identified with us in race esq ol chicago who shall deposit the i ihis cuniinent all same forthwith in the bank of america chicago 111 the treasurer aforesaid as soon as he shall receive one thousand dollars and for every thousand dollars thereafter give bonds with two sureties to the resident and secretary of the national council of colored people for double the amounts aforesaid for his services the agent shall receive fivepercent6n all stock iiistalnientspaidin byjiun anl ten per cent on all donations above two hundred dollars paidinbyorthrotighhrrm 10 the members of the committee on manual jjabor school shall alsobeoempow- ered to receive donation for the same and they shall transmit all said donations to the treasurer by draft within ten days after receiving the same they shall also be entitled lo live per cent on all such donations paid iu by him 1 1 the treasurer sliall publish atlitasl once ajjorlnighla-lislof- all- the- donations and subscriptions of stock received byjii aidshalltrunsiuiltocacli7donorortcalt hohler a copy of tiie paper frederick jmif- hiss fuier or aliened american which shall contain the acknowledgment of their gift or subscription the gospel teibune r rkosiectus lhe fiit number ol a jnunlhly paper lo be l11wii as aiiove indicatcil is propuedtu im h- liiid in toronto within rr few nloiilhs ami llol later lliairtlirronlayurjitiy71lthe wr io sic nid appeaiance to be at least equal to mtvhluiaj liioitd christian oiv anias much superior lo eiiher in style nnd exccuiun as tbc mihseriplicn list will warrant nitintlvi orjkct to enlarge the limits of communion and churchmembership taium christinas to the greatel possible exlcnl and lo cireutascrilc lioe bjiliids iodic exclusion if possjulenf all other characters wilboul ollierwise dmiirfiug the mmhciship of exlstint chilichr- lill rtkiwi tfid ciirimiw charaitr shall constitute the iniij pisporlal any lini and lie jtifr t p pol at all liins lo every communion inn loir li wollhydf llie christian name thai the wothl tiny believe ia christ even as he prayed ckssitai onjrcrs the protnoiini ol llelirinus morril letelleri- tinl and siciuf improvement tiiiler lie- gida olllivinc itevcl*tionsnliuiitlingcveiv move and measure lo tiie lest ul dispel principles sviioktull tin istiaclive and general objects oiilie woiki aie siielu ns ji claim fur it the patnuiney olll elasse of meii excepting those wedded 1 1 oiit ojiirern colnllllliiollaiil cluire-uitiu- ijildpihanrf7ieicfcnwicciijl5 and heie it is iccimhd with great plei r ihaf thi encouraeinenls tendered thus lar an in siiict accordance with the above geuera claoa oiticin jlnu raoikiiss this inovcincut has long be n couiempla iur twenty years iliesubscritier has inni llie distinctive olijecl of ihe goseei- titlcink his rial study examining careliilly ainl pcfsuliatlv ihe denomiaaiional aspeei f itelniois siie- ties reciprocal lieariugs iheir miito rtlatioiis and the nature of their combined iu- flucocewihtrtnrangefaatioitofhh wui id 1 erly his nisilion as publisher wlilie schitcii vnci lias probably aliurded iiiin lie i si pos- iiile facilities or piisonnlly tcuii the ii liposltiovarihorijieitiinuttieni ot ieiu- iiupir am inla ma ion bul little of uiiich lie hud liicvunislv lieeu aide tti oblnin u miy im s lie iioueyer lliil no iiiilm idi inl m ill i arms and yearning beans iiauieot sullering huuianityp common cans and share one the continent the convention will meet time lixe1 for assembling as vuiable to emigration are no other- gathering intfy prevent of delegates wilt not ie lotvn vi here the convention there the uuinherwill he lioa when assembled that they cecd the other delegations the iinie and place fixed tor vemioil aie imrple mtnrding1ii a leisure season generally and nov ilie centre of all vorable opportunity to all who jhcretiire it may jensonably gathering of the colocd people bled ina coiiventiun in ihe colunizatiomsis areadvised will be shown to them or scheme as we have no enemies of our race- all colored men easlwesl fayoralde l lli inraslir set uiirsend iu ibettttsfncs delany or rev win webb thcrcuray be firr names from each siaie we must make an issue establish a pjsitiuii tr vursrlvcs o think tif but far mole glorious rev wh webb l m it delany 11 li webb thus a lirown john jenes j i l ilnrkiiis i- wainuel flieiable juiill wiiliiiiii j a p lloadi f s w sanders jetiersollmiller ltiv a itorectl i l jackon j ii malnney i harper jonathan creen ii a jackson k it parker hntniiittinice j j gould uiasjm d ltv m 1 clark a m siiiiiuer johnson wooilin james ai whillield john n still srinliv miiiiliru i 1 notice pr pirol i lliuuile ml ol ul axt iiamiiks ahk iiamiiks sawiiuiisks it inrnn lit liimmli hi altai by llu it inalily in inmpl ilyluiilu la av iuk lit k- mnlt in it new ilt fur fashibnable hair pltr siiwoiit eritful i hv l iiihlir aonrnll iiirjlur pi rijaifnll iioii llniii i tii nun wntlwo iliinratlamcl hllilv ii iii eriilliuiiaiir- iu wll ne iu nil iiiriii iiiii i i mi i suavinuha1kchtint nr sim tilllsi ihnrrariri llyu a b ilfaikh t tl mcitttl no til 1 lillsiiam iinih in c s


Provincial Freeman (Toronto and Chatham, ON: Mary Ann Shadd Cary (October 9, 1823 – June 5, 1893)), May 6, 1854, p. 4 (2024)
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